Bye Bye Lines &  Wrinkles !

Say goodbye to lines, wrinkles and crow's feet with our high quality and precision injected, high quality Dermal Fillers and Facial Muscle Relaxants.

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Reducing Wrinkles with Dermal Fillers and Muscle Relaxants:

If you’d like to achieve a younger look by eliminating wrinkles, Dermal fillers can be used to produce massive improvements. Dermal fillers are produced from naturally occurring sugars in your body and used to plump up and hydrate your skin to reduce your wrinkles and facial lines around your mouth, eyes, nose and forehead. Your procedure will be conducted by one of our experienced facias aesthetic experts with a specialist interest in dermatology ensuring you get the very best results. 

Expression (or dynamic) lines occur when we smile, laugh or frown and the delicate muscles underlying the skin contract, producing “laugh lines” or “crow’s feet”, frown lines and horizontal forehead lines. Dynamic lines often contribute to a cross, unfriendly expression.

It is these dynamic wrinkles that may be erased or dramatically reduced with the use of muscle relaxants. Muscle relaxants have been used safely and effectively in the medical industry for over 20 years now. Initially they were used to treat eye problems of a muscular nature as well as muscle contractions in the neck and for cerebral palsy, where children have difficulty walking because of muscle contraction.

The muscle relaxants work by blocking the release of a chemical (acetylcholine) at the neuro-muscular junction (where a nervous impulse crosses from the nerve to the muscle for it to contract). This effectively prevents the muscle from working, so it remains relaxed.

Muscle relaxants have been used extensively to prevent facial lines since about 1998. Today an enormous percentage of the population in developed countries, over 30 years of age regularly have muscle relaxants to keep them looking good. At Solana Beauty we use only the best quality products, Azzalure, for you to achieve the best results.

 An Experienced Hand Makes the Difference:

Our Doctors have extensive experience in providing facial injections. We have treated thousands of patients and have thousands of hours of experience perfecting this specialized injection placement to correct facial volume loss and facial asymmetries. Precise placement technique with a woman’s deft touch means you get the best and longest lasting results from your Botox, dermal wrinkle filler and volume replacement treatments.

Beware the Bargain Treatments – Your face and your health are not things you want to risk for the sake of a few dollars.  Stories abound of bogus Fillers and Botox offered at impossibly low prices. The old adage, “It if sounds too good to be true…” is a good one to pay attention to.

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